Dr. Stephen Pines


Dr. Pines treats a wide range of patients and conditions.

Areas of Practice



Are you experiencing chronic or acute anxiety?  Symptoms of anxiety are unpleasant and can feed off themselves.  You don’t have to live with it.   You can step off the rat wheel of anxiety and take control of your life.   The symptoms of anxiety can be eliminated or greatly reduced by therapy, and often a patient can experience a major sense of relief in just a short time.   Shrinking anxiety is all about breaking the cycle, and getting help is the first step.

Dr. Pines has experience treating all types of anxiety disorders, including GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), social anxiety, “people-pleasing” anxiety, and recurring panic attacks.


Even grown ups need help sometimes.  While juggling a multitude of responsibilities, it can be easy to lose your balance.  Whatever your reason is for seeking out individual therapy, you can expect attentive support from Dr. Pines.     


Dr. Pines is experienced and qualified to perform a variety of  assessments including ADHD, learning disabilities, and psychological testing.


Are you feeling exhausted, sad, helpless, and lethargic? Depression is a very common but serious illness.  If you are feeling symptoms of depression, now is the time to reach out for help.  Therapy can help you get back in touch with your strength, self-worth and autonomy.


Dr. Pines specializes in therapy for adolescence and has several years of experience treating teens with issues ranging from mild anxiety to trauma, grief, and self harm.     


Dr. Pines has years of experience providing therapy to members of the LGBTQIA community and is attuned of the challenges they often face.   Dr. Pines provides an atmosphere of safety and acceptance in his office in order to make all patients feel welcome and secure.


Trauma / PTSD

Traumatic events can be life-altering, distressing, and can lead to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Unresolved trauma and PTSD can result in depression, flashbacks, anxiety, hypervigilance, and more.  Therapy provides a safe and supportive space that allows you to process trauma.  You’ll focus your energy on healing from negative experiences and tapping back in to your mental resilience.   You will also develop coping skills to react mindfully in the face of stressful events or triggers.  


Relationship and family therapy is available and offered on its own or in conjunction to individual therapy. 


We all get angry sometimes.  It is a perfectly natural emotion.   If you find that even minor annoyances trigger your anger, if the intensity of your anger is damaging to your relationships and career, or you have trouble expressing and channeling, your anger, you can benefit from anger management counseling.    Through therapy for anger management, you can learn more about what triggers your anger, how to control and express feelings of anger in a constructive way, and techniques for calming down and angry mind.